Step 1:
Login to

Before you can do anything on the site, you must be logged in.  I recommend that you have two tabs open in your browser: one tab with these instructions, and one tab with the dashboard so you can refer to them easily while working.

All DJ’s have a user account that gives them limited privileges to alter your own show description and playlists.

To login to the site, you need to make sure your browser is pointed to this address:  

If you don’t know your user name, use your email address.

If you don’t remember your password, click ‘forgot my password’ and a prompt to reset it will be sent to your email inbox.

Login Screen

Step 2:
Edit your show description

To edit your show’s description, you must first be logged in. You can tell you’re logged in because there’s a black bar across the top of your screen, and on the right it’ll say “Howdy, [username].”

It is helpful to have this instructions page open in a separate browser tab for easy referral.

On the left side of the dashboard, there’s a link that says “Playlists” – and you’ll want to find your show. See screenshot graphic to the right…

With your mouse over the show name, you should see a link to ‘edit‘ – the icon panel is in green, and you’ll want to click on the pencil. NOT the trashcan.

When you’ve entered your text in the pop-up modal called “Text Block Settings” be sure to save it by clicking the blue ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom of that frame.

Then be sure to also save the page – the blue update button is at the upper right of your screen.

Also note: the current genre (see genres box on right side) is set as “Locally Produced” but you will want to check all that apply.

When that is done too, you can go to the link in the black bar at the top of your page to ‘View Page.

Edit your Playlist

Step 3:
Edit your Profile

To edit your profile, you’ll need to be logged into the site’s dashboard, and able to see the dark stack of navigation links on the left side of your browser window.

Please let your listeners know who you are and fill out your info.

When you’ve gone down through the entire stack, and you are done, be sure to save it by clicking the blue ‘Update Profile’ button at the bottom of that frame.

Edit your profile

Step 4:
Edit Your Playlist

Playlists are available to edit in the website’s dashboard. DJs must be logged in – and will only see their own playlists.

When you open or create a playlist, there’s a stack of fields to enter information. Here’s which are important:

  • Title: The top field is the playlist title. You do not have to put the show name in the title, but I recommend that you put in the date of the show, along with that week’s theme for the show. So for instance, “1-15-18  Year in review”
  • Description field: This large area fills most of the opening screen, but it isn’t that important, and can be left empty.
  • Discussion: ignore for now; do not check ‘allow comments.’
  • Comments: ignore for now.
  • Revolution Slider Options: leave set to ‘default’
  • Share Buttons by AddThis: sharing playlists to social media is great. This is set to ‘On’ be default.
  • Playlist Entries: This is the heart of it – this is where you will need to fill out the track names, titles and artists for your show.

Notes about saving:
When you’ve added all the entries for your show, you will need to click the ‘Update Playlist’ button below. This only addresses adding new rows to the playlist.

You will ALSO need to click the button on the upper right portion of the screen to save the playlist when you are done. If you don’t update both buttons, you will not have saved your playlist to the server.

Edit Your Playlist

Step 5:
Add Playlist to Profile

This will require a modicum of understanding about creating html links. You are going to do the following steps:

  • Open the playlist you wish to add to your profile – Start with your list of playlists, and when your mouse passes over the title you’d like to copy, and edit link will appear. Edit/open the playlist you wish to add.
  • Copy the permalink (which is the playlist’s web address) This resides at the top, just beneath the title of the playlist. Once you’ve selected and copied it, you may close the playlist.
  • Open your show’s description page – in the site dashboard, in the navigation along the left side, you’ll see that “Shows” is the next link below “Playlists” and you’ll want to find and open your show description. Find the text block that has the description, and mouse-over until the green bar with the pencil icon pops up, allowing you to edit it.
  • Type in the title of the playlist –  You must add the clickable text to your show description, before you can make it a link. I recommend a bulletted list once you have more than one playlist. You may add a description too.
  • Drag-select that type and click the link button – the link button is in the toolbar and looks like a small link of chain. A pop-up modal will appear, with a blue button on the right end of the field.
  • Paste in the playlist’s permalink
  • Click the blue button that saves the link – it’s on the right end, and when your mouse passes over it, it will say “Apply” – see screenshot to the right.
  • Click both the ‘Save Changes’ button on the bottom of the text block you just updated
  • And also click the blue update button in the upper right that saves the show description page as well.
  • View Page to be sure that it works

Add Playlist