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KXCR’s incredible “match” challenge continues!

Thanks to our loyal supporters for your generous support matching the $1000 challenge!

Over the last two months doubled $1000 with another 1k matching grant. Now another opportunity awaits us in the shape of a $500 challenge celebrating three years of dedicated public radio in Florence. Give what you can and together we’ll make short work of turning that $500 into $1000.

Please donate as soon and as often as your budget permits. Make an online donation on our website by clicking the Donate button or send a check to KXCR, P.O. Box 127, Florence 97439.

Our thanks go out to the initial $500 dollar donors for their generosity.
Now, let’s do our part.


Updated Friday, April 28th, 2017

New Donations 225 Dollars
Matching Grant 500 Dollars