A Way with Words

Hosted by Grant Barrett and Martha Barnette

A Way with Words, is an upbeat and lively hour-long public radio show about language examined through history, culture, and family. The hosts, Grant Barrett and  Martha Barnette talk with callers from around the world about slang, grammar, old sayings, word origins, regional dialects, family expressions, and speaking and writing well. They settle disputes, play word quizzes, and discuss language news and controversies.

A Way With WordsGrant Barrett is an American lexicographer and dictionary editor specializing in slang and new words who has helped produce dozens of dictionaries. He’s a voracious reader, speaks a bit of French and Spanish, and spent years working in the jargon-rich jungles of information technology

Martha Barnette is the author of reader-friendly books on word origins. She has a background in ancient Greek and Latin, studied Spanish in Costa Rica, and worked as a newspaper reporter for major metropolitan dailies.


  • Saturday - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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