Celt In A Twist

Hosted by Patricia Fraser and Produced by Cal Koat

Celt in a twistCelt In A Twist  is an hour of delightful celtivity, bringing you the latest in celtic music and interviews with its brightest stars.

Think of it – thousands of world music CDs, tens of thousands of songs, all catalogued and archived.  It’s magnificent. 

Celt in a Twist Achives on Calcopyrite

Cacal3Celt in a Twist.thumbnaill has been working in multicultural broadcasting for about 25 years. And he’s loved music all his life, so it is a pretty good synthesis for him to be working with world music.

Cal writes and produces the radio program, as well as writing music reviews.


pat3Celt in a twist.thumbnailPatricia also has a background in radio, but now works in the marketing department of an educational institution.  She is the host of Celt in a Twist, and works very hard to keep up with technology. Technology always manages to pull ahead just as she thinks she is closing in on it.


  • Sunday - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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