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golden-age-of-radioGolden Age of Radio…When America Listened

In the days when actors stood behind microphones reading from scripts, the magic of imagination swept our country. Script writers, sound effects specialists, musicians and directors brought us stories from new worlds of cowboys and private eyes, situation comedies and erie science fiction tales. Evenings were spent huddling around the radio to catch every snippet of the latest episode.

Thankfully, thousands of these shows were captured on tape and can be heard again.

In 2014 KXCR was offered access to an extensive archive of old time radio dramas, comedy shows and news from the golden age 30s, 40s, 50s decades. It was a treasure trove of the very best shows of the era.

In addition to that contribution Larry Herr has since been lending his meticulous producing skills to Saturday’s “The Best of Swing” show at 7:00 pm which precedes his “Golden Age of Radio” selection at 8:00 pm. The pair has become the highlight of KXCR’s locally produced programming.

Larry epitomizes the volunteer spirit that keeps 90.7 fm on the air. When one tunes in, who knows what we might hear. The Shadow? Fibber McGee? or an on-the-scene report from Edward R. Morrow.

Thanks, Larry!


  • Saturday - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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