Fundraiser for Second Studio

$5000 Studio Development Fundraiser 2016….KXCR’s well used on-air studio needed a twin.

This campaign went to April 1st, 2016 and was intended to outfit a practice studio to prepare new programmers to be familiar with on-air board operations. Since that time, we have received a grant and are going forward to provide the needed equipment.

The space was ready, but the challenge was to duplicate the on-air equipment we’ve accumulated, creating both a learning space as well as a back-up for the main studio. Congestion had grown to the point where we were limiting our ability to grow new talent and introduce new programming. We are now poised to fulfill our grant.

Many people have shown interest in hosting a program in a nurturing teaching environment, and had not been able to put their hands on the necessary equipment. The first beneficiaries are our young KXCR student Radio Club followed closely by tech-challenged seniors pursuing their DJ dreams.

A little history:
For more than a decade, engaged local citizens have been discussing their concerns for about narrow media coverage given to local and national events and issues affecting our community. These discussions were the genesis of a seven year quest to build KXCR, a truly homegrown non-commercial educational community radio station.

Our road has been long and bumpy, but, with great leadership and community spirit, we have managed to skirt most obstructions – including when our 6-month, 80-page application for a rural station matching grant for community radio start-ups was thrown in the garbage when Congress canceled program funding at the last minute.

Undeterred, supporters from our community have stepped up with dollars and countless volunteer hours. We have met IRS requirements for 501(c)(3) non-profit status, gathered equipment, worked to master the technical aspects of running a radio station, and with generous support, we found, purchased and remodeled a building which is now the home of KXCR.

KXCR has been on the air for three years, and we are experiencing growing pains!

Help us grow:
Help us overcome our current, most-pressing challenge. KXCR’s mission is to expand education and access for our community – not just in our programming, but in hands-on instruction and experience as well.  Our station’s volunteers are amazing, but we need more equipment so they can get to work! And you can help.  Whether you’re doing it to support our middle and high school students’ Radio Club, or locally-produced shows such as Montana Maggie or Best of Swing, or just want to keep independent programming on the air in our community, we need your financial support.

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